CVSI: Cat Vomit Scene Investigator

"No one loves cats more than I do – but let’s face it, nobody loves cat barf. If you have one cat, and you wake up to a small pile of vomit on your floor, you know who the responsible party is. If you have more than one cat – well, as the infamous line from Spinal Tap says, “You can’t dust for vomit.”

Since we have two cats, one can never really be sure exactly which cat did the barfing. My husband, however, claims he always knows, based on psychological profiling. I’ve started to call him a “CVSI” or “Cat Vomit Scene Investigator.” Last night, I was awakened at 4 AM by my husband, who proclaimed that a cat had barfed all over our trunk and sofa. “It was Thurston!” he told me. “How do you know? Did you see him do it?” I asked. “No, but Thurston ALWAYS sits there. I KNOW it was him. Thurston will barf on furniture, Charley only does it on the floor.” Well, I can’t say he didn’t nail their feline psychological profiles purrfectly. And that concludes another exciting episode of “CVSI: Cat Vomit Scene Investigator.”

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