Til opdrættere der bruger hvide katte i avl

hej alle,

jeg cross-poster lige nedenstående som er rigtig spændende for alle der bruger hvide katte i avl. Det er forskningsprojekt om ‘dominant W gene’/døvhed som man kan deltage i: ved at indsende ‘swab’ med DNA, kopi af stamtavle og kopi af BAER test resultater.

forskere er også interesseret i at lave en international liste over dyrlæger der kan BAER teste - så de er også interesseret i kontakt info her.

vi er en lille gruppe der har denne yahoo gruppe om opdræt af hvide katte - som forhåbentlig med tiden kan blive større :slight_smile:

Nye medlemmer er meget velkomne ! og spørgsmål om undersøgelsen kan stilles her.


mail fra gruppe:

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Subject: [breedingwhitecats] A bit of exciting news!


It’s been a while since anyone posted here, me included:-), but I came across some interesting news for those of us that breed with white cats. on the gene-pool list Cristiana wrote the following:

“Dr. Lyons wants to start researching the dominant W gene and is asking to send swabs from white W cats of any breed along with hearing status of the cat. In some cases a Baer test is a must and I am having trouble to find a vet who does a Baer close to my home. Does anybody know a actual link of vets that do Baer tests? All I found in internet is related to dogs and is not really actual.
There is no certainty that the W gene will be located much less that a hearing status could be ascertained by a DNA test but it is a good idea to have a hearing status along with the DNA swab in case there is any difference to be seen.Tks and if you can send word to people who want to help the research, specially those who have already Baered their cats :-))) and the ones who will be willing to do it to help.”

I wrote to her for specifications and asked her if I could send it to this list and here’s what she send back to me:

"Yes, do send the request to the group. Cotton or women PAP test brushes swabs are what is needed. 2 per each cat plus a copy of the pedigree if the cat is of a breed and also the Baer test result copy. Alll it is needed to do is follow acurately the instructions in the Lyon’s den website and also do not forget to fill up the form to submit the samples,everything is available in the website.
The address is in Califronia, University of California Davis and I have always sent swabs using regular post just asking for expedite delivery (within 3 to 5 days).

here is the link to the website:


Thanks for helping :-))

She also asked if our group has a list of vets that BAER-test:

“I forgot to ask. does anybody from this group happens to know about a list of vets that do Baer test? an actaul one as theones I find are usually old.”

I told her that we don’t have that, since we all live in different countries but anyone of you should send her contact information regarding the vet you use for BAER-testing, e. i. name, address, email-address etc. Her email is: [email protected]

I think this is very good news for ALL of us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Ho,ho, ho:-)


Har godt set det/læst det, og det er rigtig spændende, og langt nemmere når Dna’en er kortlagt…